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The Hanging Of Hattie Ledoux

by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

King’s Highway ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw lullaby BMI I killed JC down in Chesterfield And now they’re cooking my last meal He had it coming I still contend But we know how this story ends It happened up on King’s Highway It was a cold dark winter Saturday I took him out into the trees I put that bastard on his knees I said why’d you do the things you did God damn it she was just a kid He laughed and said she was a dear I slit his throat from ear to ear His laughing stopped his body fell He gurgled like an artesian well I beat him till my knuckles broke I beat him till his face was gone When they found me I was drenched with blood Then they found his body in the mud They said what was it you were thinking son I said I did what you all should’ve done So here we are my final hour Damned by fools and judged by cowards I’ve made peace with my sweet Lord The rest of you are on your own
Come Out Come Out ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI Come out come out wherever you may be I swear I left you buried by this maple tree But now there’s just a hole In the earth where you used to lay You’re up and walking round somewhere When you should be asleep under the clay Come out come out and show your pretty face I know that there is evil in this place I know that you are dead because I killed you with my very own two hands But now you’re walking round and for the life of me I do not understand Come out come out my darling I await My one true love in life up until it turned to hate You left me not a choice when you took young Andy Monson in your bed I choked you with my fingers and I shot that little pecker in the head I see that he still lies here in the hole Your body may have risen but the devil kept your soul Show your face and I will send you back to Hell my darlin if indeed I can And this time I’ll go with you to make sure that you will not come back again
GOTTA FIND A REASON ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I gotta find a reason I gotta find a reason I gotta find a reason to live I gotta find a reason ’cause I ain’t got no reason I gotta find a reason to live They took my wife and baby They took my wife and baby They took my wife and baby from me Now I ain’t got no reason no I ain’t got no reason No I ain’t got no reason to live I asked the Lord to help me I asked the Lord to help me and Jesus told I should forgive But Jesus is mistaken my family they were taken Now I ain’t got no reason to live yeah I gotta find a reason I gotta find a reason I gotta find a reason to live I’m gonna shoot ‘em down gonna put them in the ground Lord help me but I just cannot forgive My reason it is vengeance My reason it is vengeance Gonna put a couple bad man in they’re grave Then they can pray to Jesus perhaps they’ll be forgiven Perhaps their evil souls will be saved So tell them death is coming Yes tell them death is coming Tell them that death is coming their way So the can start a’running go tell them death is coming go tell them death is coming today
It was a cold dark afternoon In October 1692 When the hanged pretty young Hattie Ledoux For the crime of witchcraft down by the Manhan river She pleaded with them please do not Commit this deed for she was not She was not what they all thought But if they follow this through not one of them would be forgiven The rope snapped tight and she was dead The whole town felt that awful dread That night she came into their beds And all night long they feared and shivered Nothing grew when spring came round As if she’d cursed the very ground Where they had laid her body down And no salmon came back up the river The beasts and fowl left the woods Only the owls understood Their sound at night was deafening As they called out for sweet young Hattie Ledoux Their sheep and cattle starved and fell Their hens laid eggs with broken shells And poison seeped into their wells And they could hear young Hattie whisper Then one by one their children died Of a fever burning deep inside They held their babies and they cried Oh Lord what have we done And then the reaper called them all And there were none left by the fall A year since Hattie Ledoux had hanged Only the gravestones now remained They say that you can go there still And hear the owls in the hills Listen on a winter night As they call out Hattie’s name
Cold Of Hate 04:21
I christened this ship with a bottle of your blood Set fire to your coffin and sent you on your way Watched the tide carry you off as I stood there in the mud I prayed to the devil take you far away But you returned before the dawn next morning I could hear you're evil moaning in the trees Just like the seers bones showed in the warning Forevermore your spirit will be haunting taunting me I burned you down to ashes in the fire I cut your heart out threw it down the well Still I hear you singing like the devil's choir Boiling up like oil bubbling up from from Hell I gave you all you asked for all for nothing You tortured me with all your evil games Till love turned into seething burning loathing Till nothing but the cold of hate remained I've come to know you're nothing but pure evil An evil that no man could ever tame There's nothing left for me now but to join you Forever I will suffer in my weak and sinful shame
BEFORE THE DARKNESS ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I was cut real bad cut to the quick I was leaking blood I was feeling sick And I was thinking Oh I was thinking About you I sat down there by that mountain stream Closed my eyes and I began to dream I was dreaming Oh I was dreaming about you His lifeless corpse lay there next to me His dead eyes stared up in the sky Now he would never Oh he would never hurt you again I wish to God that I could touch your face Feel your skin taste your lips again One last time before the darkness Falls on me
Damnation 02:35
Damnation ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI Why don’t you outsiders just leave us alone You are not welcome here in our sweet mountain home We do not need your money or your evil machines Do not need your gods or your Satan The filth of your cities the stench of your greed Are not wanted here and we do not need Your chrome and your steel your bright shiny lies We’ll not kneel down to your religion So heed what I say do not tempt the fates This valley is ours on;y death does await The fool who ignores this warning I give Only thing for you here is damnation
I Loved That Girl ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I loved that girl but you know she had it coming ‘cause she was always runnin’, runnin’ round on me I laid her down in a meadow by the river I told her I forgive her I told her she was free We had made plans yes we had planned to marry But now that plan is buried no more to see the day And all the men who took her for their lover They’d better run for cover ‘cause now it’s time to pay I loved that girl like I have loved no other She was to be the mother of my daughters and my sons That never were not now and never will be forever she will still be in my life the only one Her pretty face forever it will haunt me Her memory will taunt me I smell her in the air My heart it aches but there’s nothing to be done now There’s nowhere I can run now her ghost is everywhere I dug a hole a hole for her to lie dead in After I smashed her head in soon the devil come for me
Sweet Taste Of Death ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI No time to change my ways are set I’ve learned to live with life’s regrets No time to go back and start again Take a good look it’s all you get I’ll never be what might’ve been I lost it all way back there when I’ve no desire to make amends Now I’m just waiting on the bitter end Take me away please take me home To Heaven Or to Hell or the unknown This bitter aftertaste is all that’s left Don’t wanna stay wash it away with that everlasting sweet sweet taste of death I tried my best I did my time I searched forever for the peace I thought I’d find I spend my days now looking behind In the end nothing was ever really mine So lay me down put me to sleep When you bury me make sure you make it deep Please shed no tears please do not weep Forgive the promises that I will never keep
November 05:04
NOVEMBER ©Angry And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I killed you I remember it was a cold day in November I held you underneath that running stream For mercy you were pleading But my broken heart was bleeding No one but I was there to hear your screams And I watched you drift away With the rapids on that day Your body dancing like little doll You paid the price for lying But I'm the one that's left here crying Left behind remembering it all You said your love was true and I put my faith in you You took my heart and crushed it in your hand But soon you stopped your gloating Then you were barely floating Forever you will sleep…in the bottom sands The bullheads and the suckers they've robbed you of your luster The minnows nibbled 'way your pretty skin Your paper bones were scattered Until they did not matter There's nothing but the memory of your sin The river runs it's seasons erodes away the reasons I sit beside the water and remember I almost hear you singing Or are my ears just ringing From your screams so long ago….that cold day in November
Sweet Mary 04:53
SWEET MARY ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI For the love of sweet Mary I wished But her heart chose another man Now the two lie together just food for the fish In the shadow of the Nonotuck dam I wanted her all for my own But fate had made other plans Now she’s weighted with stone and I’m all alone I’ll never see sweet Mary again Sweet Mary I knew since we were just ten I loved her from the very first day We were never apart that girl owned my heart I remember how we used to play When we were nineteen my whole world came crashing Sweet Mary she told me goodbye Her heart now belonged to a man much more dashing More handsome and richer than I Sweet Mary was happy as I’d ever seen her She glowed when she walked down the avenue As for me I had never felt darker or meaner I drank every night with the tavern crew They were the talk of the town she was the bell of the ball They made nightmares of all of my dreams my dreams Then I saw them one night down at Indian Falls And the rapids drowned out Mary’s screams With rope I did bind them and weight them with stone I sank them beneath the old dam I had wanted sweet Mary all for my own But fate had made other plans And people did wonder what happened to them Perhaps they ran off and were wed Sometimes I buy a bottle and sit on the dam And drink to my dear sweet dead Mary For the love of sweet Mary I wished......
My Time Is Coming ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies- Bonesaw Lullaby BMI My death will not come as a shock To anyone who knows me My life past by without event Like I was never here at all Most my life I have spent drunk Saw no point in being sober Most of it I have spent alone Now mercifully it’s almost done It won’t be long I will be gone Finally rest this tired mind It won’t be long I will be gone Finally leave it all behind It won’t be long my time is coming Burn me to ash and spread me on The murky waters of the Manhan river And I will flow out of this town That never had much use for me There’ll be no need then to forget Someone they never did remember Just let the river take this tired Drunkards soul and set it free My life has had no consequence Never had anything to offer Though I tried hard, hard to make sense But life it made no sense to me My death will not come as a shock To anyone who knows me My life past by without event Like I was never here at all


released October 8, 2014


all rights reserved



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Easthampton, Massachusetts

I get on with my days
In a permanent haze
People think it’s a phase
But my madness is growing…

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