I Hear The Devil Laughing

by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies



released May 4, 2014


all rights reserved



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Easthampton, Massachusetts

Angry Johnny’s been hollering about the Devil and God, love and death and betrayal and booze and sin for over three decades. First with the Snots, then the Millrats, then the Craptones, on his own, and finally since 91 the Killbillies. Painted a bunch of paintings along the way too. ... more

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Track Name: Devil Outside The Door
DEVIL OUTSIDE THE DOOR ©Angry JohnnyAnd The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

I hear the devil laughing think he’s right outside the door
If this is it I wonder what my sorry life was for
For all the things I’ve done it seems that Hell is my reward
I was raised up on the Bible to be let down by the Lord

Jesus I am asking one last time if You are there
Send some kind of sign for me and show me that You care
I’m down here on my prayin’ bones ashamed of all my pride
Please tell me You’ll be waiting when I reach the other side

tell ‘em all I said goodbye ain’t no turnin’ back this time
And you can tell ‘em not to cry tell ‘em all that I am feelin’ fine
Who cares if it’s a lie the truth is just a waste of time...
Easy to leave it all behind, cuz it was never really mine

It wasn’t s’posed to be like this /why wasn’t everything OK
One too many last kiss / too many ones that got away
I’m sick of always fallin’ down /think I’ll stay just as I lie
Throw some dirt on me..throw some dirt and walk on by

Don’t shake your fucking heads not while your looking down on me
Cuz you ain’t got a clue and I don’t need your sympathy
Nobody can help me now my time for saving is long gone
I threw it all away must be a million years ago

Old Scratch is on his way now, he’s coming up to get his prize
I’m down here on my prayin’ bones forgive me for my pride
Kiss her goodbye for me and tell her that I tried
Now Hell’s the only thing that’s waitin’/ for me on the other side

Kiss her goodbye for me and tell her that I tried...
Track Name: Long Long Lonely Ride
Long Long Lonely Ride ©Angry Johnny-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

It’s a long long lonely ride
When you know no one is waiting back at home
And you tell yourself you tried
But you didn’t try hard enough and now she’s gone
It’s a long long lonely night
When you know the house is empty from now on
There’s things that fill your head you should’ve said
But it’s too late ‘cause now she’s gone

It’s a long long lonely life
When you let true love just walk right out the door
Now you sit alone at night
With a bottle just a starin’ at the floor
And you know it was your fault
She just couldn’t stick around here anymore
And let the Devil take you down to where you’ve been so many times before

And you know there’s only memories
Nothing else is waiting there for you
Nobody is waiting and tonight your nightmares
They’re all coming true
You fucked this up beyond repair
Because it’s what you always seem to do
You’re running out of folks who care
Seems everybody’s pretty tired of you
Track Name: A Thousand Years
A Thousand Years ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

A thousand cold goodbyes are pounding in my head
A thousand other guys are sleepin in your bed
A thousand dear I love yous ringin in my ears
A thousand lies to last me another thousand years

A thousand photographs I’ve thrown into the fire
A thousand knowing laughs on me as they conspired
A thousand paragraphs no one will ever read
A lonely epetaph that’s overgrown with weeds

A thousand dirty deeds that soon will be forgotten
Just let the loser bleed and once his body’s rotten
Just drink up and forget about old what’s his name
No worries no regrets it’s just a fucking game

It feels like a thousand years have come and gone
Another thousand years could never right the wrongs
Another thousand years would never bring you home
A thousand years from now I’ll still be all alone

A thousand memories will never go away
They’ll never let me be no matter how I pray
A thousand years from now it will still be yesterday
Forever plus a thousand years who’s counting anyway

So pour another round the parties only starting
Don’t worry bout that sound it’s only me departing
I gave it all but when I fell the world just kept turning
I loved you then I love you now I love you as I’m burning
Track Name: Birthday
Birthday ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

A couple weeks till your birthday
Twenty years since you said goodbye
I couldn’t hate you on your worst day
Can’t stop lovin you I tried

A couple weeks till your birthday
Was gonna drop you a line
But I hear you got a brand new guy
Heard it through the grapevine

A couple weeks till your birthday
I’d like to buy you the world
But I can’t buy you nothin
‘cause you ain’t my girl

A couple weeks till your birthday
At the end of July
Still remeber the first day
I looked into your eyes

When you’re blowin them candles
I hope I cross your mind
Make you wish even harder
Leave my memory behind

A couple weeks till your birthday
When you’re cuttin that cake
You know it’s best to be careful
Of the wishes you make

Better yet don’t ever
Think of me again
Don’t wanna ruin your birthday
Don’t wanna mess up your plans

A couple weeks till your birthday
Hope it’s a good one this year
Track Name: Adventureland
ADVENTURELAND ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI-

She had that Devil’s daughter kind of pretty
That makes men do dark dark things
When she walked into a room
They were taking off their rings
She had that certain way of walking
That makes you trip over your feet
She had that smokey way of talking
And she was talking it at me

I forced the lump back down my throat
And I pretended my balls were bigger
I said girl you’re sure to kill me
Better call me a gravedigger
She smiled a little smile
And she took me by the hand
She said let’s go on an adventure
Out in adventureland

So we raged on down the highway
With a bottle and a gun
And I knew it right away
That we’d be dead ‘for we got done
Love walked into the bar that night
And she took me for a ride
If I told you I regret it
I’d be telling you a lie

We robbed stores at our convenience
We spent our nights in cheap motels
Felt like I’d died and gone to Heaven
As we drove straight into Hell
Wish we could’ve just kept driving
Find somewhere to disappear
But once you’re in adventureland
There’s no getting out of here

In a Pennsylvania diner
It all came crashing down
She kissed me hard and whispered
Let’s burn these fuckers down
We shot our way out of Altoona
And we hid out in a barn
I held my true love tightly
As she bled out in my arms

She said darlin don’t forget me
Closed her eyes and squeezed my hand
she said now go on an adventure
Out in adventureland
Track Name: Gonna Run
GONNA RUN ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

Well I’ll tell you something fellers
I ain’t no fortune teller
But I think I know how this is gonna end
I think she’s gonna up and leave me
On the day she starts to need me
But she’ll tell me that she’ll always be my friend

First her mind will start to wonder
And then her eyes will start to wander
And she’ll tell me that she needs a little time
Then she’ll tell me that she’ll miss me
And I’ll crack open the whiskey
Try like hell to drink that girl out of my mind

She’s gonna run gonna run gonna run off for them hills
And I’ll run straight for the whiskey beer and pills
I’m gonna end up broken hearted
So let’s get my funeral started
The one thing that I’m sure is that love kills

If I had just been smarter
I never would have started
But I dove right in with blinders on my eyes
‘cuz I never seen a girl so pretty
Oh mercy Lord have pity
She got the devil in her smile and Heaven ‘tween her thighs

Well the moral of this tale’s
Some of us are born to fail
But I’m not sure that means that we shouldn’t try
‘cuz somewhere someday maybe
She’ll finally be somebody’s baby
Then there but for the wrath of God go I
Track Name: Just Plain Bad
Just Plain Bad ©2008 Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

My happy days are over
My good time days ar through
My prison days have just begun
All on account of you
The things they said were so full of spite
They said you were no good
Nobody left the fucking bar that night
Until they understood

It’s like an angel walked right though my door
When I first laid eyes on you
I remember it like yesterday
I wish that you did too
Everybody said you were a whore
I said that can’t be true
But I guess only a cheatin whore
Would do the things you do

The day we met I should’ve run like Hell
When I had the chance
Before I knew you put me under a spell
With that voodoo in your pants
One little taste and I was hooked like a fish
You said c’mon let’s dance
Ever since I’ve been a brain dead fool
Just a zombie in a trance

You fucked my worst enemy
You fucked my best friend too
You fucked the whole damn bowling team
Till they were black and blue
You even fucked them siamese twins
You fucked them right in two
You’re gonna fuck the whole goddamn world
Before you’re fucking through

Thought that you were pure like morning dew
But you’re just plain bad
I’m just another stupid sucker who
Convinced himself he had
An angel who had been Heaven sent
But none of it was true
Much to my eternal detriment
I’m still in love with you

My drinkin days are over
My fightin days are through
My prison days have just begun
All on account of you
While you were busy fucking everyone
You really fucked me too
I guess instead of killing everyone
I should’ve just killed you
Track Name: One Last Look
ONE LAST LOOK ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

One last look over her shoulder
Nothing left back here to hold her
I’m not the only guy who’s watched her walk away

One last kiss as she was going
And there ain’t nothing worse than knowing
Knowing that she won’t be back someday

Sometimes I hear a bit about her
And that just makes it worse without her
At least I’m hearing that she’s still OK

People come and people go I know
And memories fade away slow
But she’s the only one I think of everyday

I see her clear as it was yesterday
One look over her shoulder as she walked away
I guess we just ran out of things to say

And now I wait for her return
Been fifteen years you’d think that I’d learn
I can’t move on ‘cause her memory’s in my way

Guess you could say my life was wasted
But for a moment at least I tasted
The sweetest thing that God has ever made

One last look over her shoulder
Nothing left back here to hold her
I’m not the only guy who’s watched her walk away
Track Name: I've Tried
I’ve Tried ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

I can’t get over you I’ve tried
God knows I’ve tried
But I still want you back here by my side

You are the only one for me
Can’t you see
As long I’m alive you’ll always be

No matter how much that I drink
You’re all I think about
I see you every time I close my eyes

And when I dream I dream of you
Every single night
Sometimes I’m afraid to shut the light

‘cause when I dream ‘bout you I cry
I wanna die
‘cause I wake up and you’re not here with me

You’re memory is in my soul
And I’m not whole
I used to be but that was long ago

Now you are gone and I’m alone
And you don’t telephone
And I wonder if you remember me

You were my love you were my life
There was a time
When you told me that you would be my wife

But fate has played it’s trick on me
Now memories
Are all that’s left and they are killing me

I can’t get over you I’ve tried
God knows I’ve tried
But when you walked out my soul just up and died
Track Name: President's Day
President’s Day
©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

Got a trunk full of trouble and not too much time
I’ve gotta get rid of this problem of mine
Got a pick and a shovel and a sack of quick lime
And we’re heading out to the old Dalton Pines

Ten years I festered ten years to the day
Ten years of hell never gave you away
Waiting to celebrate presidents day
But where they lay buried you never did say

A tough mother fucker but where did it get you?
In less than a week everyone will forget you
So tell me right now where you hid Grant’s tomb
Where’s Jackson’s Hole where’s Lincoln’s bedroom
You can’t take it with and you’re going soon

The blood on my fingers is crusted and brown
You squealed like a pig as I whittled you down
But you kept the secret that I never found
have fun while you rot in your burial mound

All of those years that I spent in that cell
All of the chances I gave you to tell
All of that money you buried so well
It ain’t gonna do you no good
While you’re burning in Hell
Track Name: The Pequot Dance Hall
©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

I took a gun put it in my pants
And I went one last time to meet my baby the Friday dance
She was with him they twirling across the floor
I couldn’t take it not anymore

I pulled the trigger 6 times and fled
I left their bleedin’ cheatin’ bodies just lyin’ dead
She broke my heart with all her lyin’
I wonder if she thought about that while she was dying

Every Friday night she used to meet me at the Pequot Dance hall
And the band would always play our favorite song
Somewhere along the way we just stopped dancing
Somewhere along the way everything just turned out wrong

They tracked me down they took me in
Looks like it’s time for me to pay for all my sins
The judge said guilty said I must die
So today they strap me down it’s time for me to fry

I pulled that trigger I shot that gun
So pull that lever and I’ll dance until I’m done done
A million volts and I will be gone
But down there at the dance hall the band keeps playing on
Track Name: Boneyard
BONEYARD ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

I begged her baby please don’t go
Can’t live without you don’t you know
She just said no pushed me away
I knew I had to make her stay

Tears in her eyes she said to me
It’s over darlin can’t you see
I swung that shovel swung it hard
I buried her in the boneyard

People wondered where she went
But I showed the letters that she sent
From the city where she went to stay
She said that she’d be back some day

So now it’s only her and I
Don’t worry bout those other guys
There’s no one else no one but me
And that’s how it will always be

Now I come to visit everyday
But she ain’t got too much to say
All she did was lie back then then
She’ll never lie to me again

She was the only girl for me
And that’s how it will always be
She broke my heart still got the scar
I buried her in the boneyard
Track Name: Good And Evil
Good and Evil
©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

They say you’re never more than two steps ahead of the Devil
You’re never more than one prayer from the Lord
It’s a tightrope that you’re walking between goodness and evil
Sometimes good and evil is a double edge sword

Don’t ask for the answers I’ve got only questions
Don’t ask for directions ‘cuz I’ve lost my way
I made my decision now I sit here waiting
For satan to call for the soul he has claimed

They say you never really know where you’re going
I’ll be gaddamned if I can remember where the hell you’ve been
Wherever I’m headin’ I’m probably better off not knowin’
There will be plenty of time when I get there to relive my sins

Next stop is Heaven ain’t somethin that I’ll be hearin’
Next stop is Hell’s just a tired and worn out cliche
Next stop’s the last stop is really all that I am fearin
It was a hell of a ride but I guess that it’s high time I pay

I wish that you could be around to tell my story
I wish that you could tell them all for me
But without you this tragic tale’s got no ending
Without you there ain’t no goddamn song to sing

So close those eyes and say a prayer to Jesus
Bite down on this and picture your Heaven’s King
I’ll send you home in little bitty pieces
Don’t worry my darlin’ cause I won’t feel a thing
Track Name: To Hold You Again
To Hold You Again
©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

You left me standing alone with my heart in my hand
Dripping blood on the ground Soaking into the sand
Left me standing alone Watched you walking away
Do you ever look back Ever remember that day
Do I ever cross your mind
Do you ever wanna see me again

Now the days drag by And they turn into years
I could sit here and cry But I run Out of tears
Just an old man waiting For the end of forever
I guess that I’ll be waiting Until the twelvth of never
Waiting and wondering
If I’ll ever see you again

I wonder what you’re doing now Did you find what you needed
What you couldn’t find in me
I wonder if he’s good to you Is everything that he is
Everything I couldn’t be

I wonder when your memory
Will set me free

I wonder what it’d feel like To hold you again
Would you feel like a lover Would you feel like a friend
Would you feel like a stranger Would you feel like a ghost
Would it feel like a parasite Returning to it’s host
Would it feel like a memory
Would it feel like it felt back then again

I guess it doesn’t matter I guess we’ll never know
I guess it’s just the way This fucking loser’s story goes
But if you ever get to wondering And if this old man’s still around
I can’t imagine it would be too hard To track me down
If you ever wanna find me
It’d be really good to see you again
Track Name: Ghost
©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

She was the one that I loved best
I loved her more than all the rest
I guess I didn’t pass the test
She left me here a’cryin’

She was the one who I adored
The only thing that I lived for
I guess she couldn’t take no more
She left me here for dyin’

Now she’s just a memory
She’ll be forever haunting me
Maybe death will set me free
There ain’t no harm in tryin’

So raise your mugs and make a toast
To the girl I loved the most
And make another to her ghost
That’s down in Hell there fryin’

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