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Kansas City 05:03
Milo Kane 08:36
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Seventeen bizarre cannibalistic murders that terrorized Western Massachusetts and Southern Vermont from June 1959 to December 1960. Zeke's girlfriend Mary Anne Taylor was the fourteenth victim. Though acquitted, Zeke's promising music career was ruined, and the publicity along with the loss of his beloved Mary Anne almost destroyed him. He returned to his family's meat processing business and left rock and roll for nearly three decades. The gruesome murders remain unsolved to this day.
In 1991 after a "friendly" exchange of gunfire with Angry Johnny and Jim Joe Greedy concerning "private property rights" at his Pomeroy Mountain distillery he was coaxed out of retirement and back into the rock and roll he had left thirty years before.
He took the Killbillies under his wing and recorded their first two albums, "Pigeaters" and the critically acclaimed "Hankenstein".
But his newfound success rekindled unanswered questions and opened old wounds. That along with his disgust with the Killbillies slovenly antics were more than Zeke had bargained for. He found Jesus, the Jesus he had loved as a boy before the Barbeque Murderer turned his world upside down and once again he retired, this time with piece of mind and the wisdom that comes with growing old.
"From here on in, it's jes' the Bible n' barbeque for old Zeke," he says. "Won't be long now 'fore I'm with my Mary Anne. And I pray every day to Jesus fer them Killbillies. But I'll be goddamned,... My fear is that them boys is goin' straight t'Hell".
Crazy Zeke Harkins disappeared into the Berkshire hills sometime around 2004 or so, claiming he was "sick and tired of the human element" and that he was going off to be with his Mary Anne. The New England rock and roll legend left behind a legacy that will never be matched and more importantly, he left behind his prized Zekorder. But more importantly than that, he left said Zekorder to his faithful disciples Angry Johnny and The Killbillies.
Well Angry and the boys dusted off the old Zekorder and scraped the decades of beer and whiskey off the heads. They soldered some wires and replaced some knobs and with the help of some jumper cables and an old tractor battery they finally got that sucker fired up and rolling. 

For awhile they were puttin' up a new Zekordin' every week or so just for the takin' but accidents happen...and alas the mighty Zekorder was no more.


released September 30, 2010


all rights reserved



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Easthampton, Massachusetts

I get on with my days
In a permanent haze
People think it’s a phase
But my madness is growing…

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