Bang Bang Baby Bang Bang Merry Christmas

by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies' classic Christmas album chock full of holiday cheer, murder, mayhem and betrayal.


released November 10, 2010


all rights reserved



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Easthampton, Massachusetts

Angry Johnny’s been hollering about the Devil and God, love and death and betrayal and booze and sin for over three decades. First with the Snots, then the Millrats, then the Craptones, on his own, and finally since 91 the Killbillies. Painted a bunch of paintings along the way too. ... more

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Track Name: Six Bullets For Christmas
6 bullets for Christmas is what you’re getting from me
6 bullets for Christmas they’ll find you underneath the tree
6 bullets for Christmas no frankincense or myrrh
6 bullets for Christmas gonna get what you deserve

You told me that you love me then you went out cattin’ around
You said you’d never leave me then you headed right downtown
I waited up all evening it’s almost Christmas day
Guarantee when you see what I got you darlin’ you’re gonna be blown away

I got you....
6 bullets for Christmas
They’re waiting in the cylinder
6 bullets for Christmas
I got your favorite caliber
6 bullets for Christmas
To prove my love is true
6 bullets for Christmas
Every single one for you

6 bullets for Christmas from me with all my love
6 hollow point “I love you’s” 6 angels from above
Merry Christmas darlin’ I’m sorry that you’re dead
But you sure look pretty lyin’ there w’6 bullets in your head
Track Name: Daddy Won't Be Coming Home For Christmas
Daddy Won’t Be Coming Home For Christmas
©Angry Johnny and The Killbillies -Bonesaw Lullaby BMI

Daddy won’t be coming home for Christmas
He’s staying at the big house on the hill
Daddy won’t be coming home this Christmas
On account of all the people that he killed

Daddy was out shopping for our presents
The mall was really crowded on that day
Daddy wasn’t known much for his patience
They say he blew a bunch of folks away

All he wanted was to make us happy
All he did was make everyone sad
He kept firing till his 45 was empty
This Christmas is the worst we ever had

This year we won’t be getting any presents
This year there won’t be any Christmas cheer
Daddy ruined Christmas for forever
Daddy wrecked the best time of the year

I wonder what the old man would’ve got me
If he hadn’t gone all crazy on that day
We’ll never know what presents he’d a bought me
Now that that crazy nut is locked away

Daddy won’t be coming home for Christmas
He’s staying at the big house on the hill
Daddy won’t be coming home this Christmas
On account of all the people that he killed
Track Name: Twenty Years Ago This Christmas
Twenty Years Ago This Christmas ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

Last time that I saw her was on Christmas
Last thing she did was walk right out the door
She tore up all the presents that I gave her
She said she didn’t love me anymore

That was twenty years ago this winter
That was twenty years ago today
Now the wind is howling through the cracks
I guess I’ll never get her back
Maybe old Jack Frost can blow
These Christmas blues away

Last I heard she was living out in Boston
Last I heard she finally settled down
Down here in the valley the snow just keeps on falling
Piling up the misery without making a sound

I wonder if she ever once remembers
Or thinks about the way it used to be
Twenty years ago a cold day in December
Lord does she remember ever even loving me

I think about every goddamn Christmas
I think about her every goddamn day
I wonder if I’ll make it through another Christmas season
I lost my only reason twenty years ago today

So here’s to you my darlin’ merry Christmas
And here’s to all the years that have gone by
One last Christmas greeting while my broken heart’s still beating
One last merry Christmas One last cold goodbye
Track Name: Slaughter In A Winter Wonderland
Slay bells ring are ya listening
In the snow blood is glistening
It happened that night what a terrible sight
Slaughter in a winter wonderland

Blew away Carl Stevens
Swore one day he’d get even
There’s a storm blowin in time to pay for your sins
Slaughter in a winter wonderland

In the meaddow he killed Marsha Bowman
Then he went and butchered Parson Brown
Eviscerated him and left him moanin
And whistled as he headed into town

Later on he admired
Sally Jones as she expired
The whole town would pay for the games that they played
Slaughter in winter wonderland

Years ago the children used to tease him
Call him names and hit him till he cried
But now he’s come back home this Christmas season
And a lot of mother fuckers have to die

He’s got a list that he’s checking
And these halls he’ll be decking
With eye balls and guts of these sinners and sluts
Slaughter in a winter wonderland

He was done by the morning
But he left them a warning
You all better learn or next year I’ll return
Slaughter in a winter wonderland
Track Name: Big Ol' Hole This Christmas
I dug you a deep ol’ hole for Christmas
I think you’ll like it darlin’ it’s just your size
And don’t worry I did not forget about him
I dug you matching holes there side by side

I thought and I thought and I thought what could I get you
What do you get a girl who has everything
So I started digging just trying to forget you
But with every shovelful I just kept remembering

I remember all the times you said you love me
And I remember all the times you said goodbye
And I remember you always making a fool of me
And I remember every single goddamn lie

I dug you a big ol hole this season
I guess this finally proves how much I care
You and him together forever under there just freezin’
Darlin’ I can’t wait to put you there
Track Name: Santa Gets His
Santa Claus is coming but he won’t be going back
See me and Mike we built ourselves a big ol Santa trap
We’re sick and tired of every year him bringin us just crap
This time we’re taking everything that he’s got in that sack

We strung a bunch of barbed wire from the trees back to the roof
We’ll wait until it tangles up them stupid reindeer’s hoofs
Then we’ll open fire on that old fat bastards sleigh
For all them years of screwin us Ol santa’s gonna pay

Every one of them damn reindeer every one of them damn elves
We’re gonna keep on shootin till our shotgun barrels melt
In the morning we’ll have venison we’ll eat until we’re fat
Ol Santa will be sorry that he treated us so bad

We’ll bury his fat carcass in the hemlocks by the brook
We’ll find a place to hide all of the loot that we have took
And no one will be the wiser no they won’t suspect a thing
And no one’s gonna find him till he’s stinking in the spring

By then they’ll think that he was just a bum who must’ve died
On a cold December night when he was wandering outside
And Mike and me will have the best toys in the neighborhood
And people will just think that we were awful fucking good

I gotta go I think I hear them fucking jingle bells
We’re loaded up for bear and now we’re gonna give him Hell
So Merry Christmas everybody everyone and all
Ol Santa won’t be leaving you no presents after all
Track Name: Bang Bang Baby Bang Bang Merry Christmas

It was Christmas Eve when I walked into the door
Her and my best friend were rollin around on the floor
He was slippin’ her the yule log under the tree
They were way too busy to notice me
But they stopped when they heard the cock of my 44

I shot him first I blew off his jingle bells
Then I said darlin’ you’ll be joining him in hell
But she pleaded with me please don’t do it
I couldn’t shoot her and she knew it
I dropped my gun and to my knees I fell

Bang bang baby bang bang
Merry Christmas
Bang bang Baby bang bang

She said how can I undo what I have done
I thought a bit and handed her the gun
My ex-friend was moaning underneath the tree
I said finish off that prick for me
And she blew that sorry fuck to kingdom come

We drug him to the lake and put him through the ice
The flecks of blood on her face were twinklin in the moonlight
If she ever looked better I can’t remember
All covered in blood that night in December
Forgiven is easy when the sinner looks so nice

Bang bang baby bang bang
Merry Christmas
Bang bang Baby bang bang
Track Name: When Christmas Comes Around
Well the trees are bare and the snow is falling down
And you’re somewhere out there never to be found
And I’m drinking all alone like a sad clown
The same thing every year when Christmas comes around

I’ve tried to drink your memory away
It’s been years but it gets stronger everyday
I see you every time I close my eyes
It’s got so bad that sometimes I’m afraid to shut the light

The Christmas lights are hanging in the trees
Inflated Santa Clauses swaying in the breeze
I’m guzzling the Wild Turkey down
Try to drown the memories when Christmas comes around

But your ghost just keeps on haunting like a curse
When Christmas comes it makes it even worse
I hear your voice in every single sound
I see your face in everything when Christmas comes around

I still put the tree up every single year
And pray there is some way you will appear
But Christmas comes and still you never show
I open up the door but there’s nothing there but snow

And the memory of your kiss is killing me
Is there no way you’ll ever set me free
Love is lost forever never to be found
Will I still be here next year when Christmas comes around
Track Name: On Christmas This Year
Santa I can’t believe that even you forgot about me on this Christmas...this year
The worst year that I ever had I don’t know when I been so sad on this year
She left me for another guy she didn’t even tell me why she just walked out..the door
Now Christmas sucks that’s all I know I got no fucking where to go
Just walkin back and forth across the floor
This Christmas

Jesus are you busy now I wish You could help me somehow on Christmas this year
You’re probly busy seeing how it’s Your birthday but I need You now on Christmas this year
I need a dose of Christmas cheer I’m high on coke and drunk on beer I’m sinkin like an anchor in the bay
I guess I wasn’t thinkin all the while this boat was sinkin
Yeah it was me that threw it all away
This Christmas

I guess these are the cards I drew but the only thing I want is you for Christmas this year
But I know you’re gone I know we’re done and I won’t be kissing anyone under the mistletoe my dear
So I had enough I can’t go on all I want is to be is dead and gone on Christmas this year
So here’s to you and here’s to him I won’t be botherin you again
This Christmas
Merry Christmas
One last Christmas
My last Christmas
Merry Christmas dear

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