Puttin The Voodoo On Monroe

by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

WHEN I THINK OF YOU-When I think of you/ I just remember the good things/ And I don’t know what to do no good can come from remembering/ It was a long time ago I close my eyes and it’s still yesterday/ I try so hard to let go but yesterday always gets in my way/ I wanna run but where would I go/ I wanna lie down and die/ I try to sleep but I can’t stop the nightmares no matter how hard I try/ i’d forget if I could but I can’t so I sit here and cry/ I can still see your face every time that I close my eyes/ I’ve tried a million ways but I think a deaf dumb blind man could see through this disguise/ How many years have I wasted/ How many tears have I cried/ How many years since I’ve tasted the kiss from your lips when you told me goodbye/ I wanna run..../ It must be true what they say/ No good can come from remembering when/ So I’m praying for the day that I wake up and don’t want you back here again/ I wanna run.....
Jerry Lynn 05:02
JERRY LYNN-When I last left Jerry Lynn she was crying at the bar/ Had to go down to the city/ Had to move a couple cars/ For old Shelburne Montgomery and his partner Alomar/ Jerry Lynn kept crying/ She begged me not to go/ Alomar and Shelburne are bad trouble don’t you know/ I said I owe them one last favor I’ll be dead if I say no/Jerry Lynn/ Jerry Lynn/ When I found you I thought I’d finally win/ Now you’re gone, gone like the wind, Jerry Lynn....Up on Chesterfield highway the blue lights all came on/ I looked for Alomar and Shelburne but they were both long gone/ Just me and a trunk of cocaine and a bunch of stolen guns/ Jerry Lynn deserved so much better of a man/ Would’ve come out guns a’blazin’ would’ve made my final stand/ If I knew that I was never gonna see her face again/ Jerry Lynn/ Jerry Lynn....They offered me a deal but I didn’t say a word/ Three months into my sentence that’s when I finally heard/ ‘bout my darlin’ Jerry Lynn and what they’d done to her/ They took me to the office and the warden sat me down/ Told me that our trailer had been burned down to the ground/ The car was in the river but her body was not found.....Haven’t told nobody what I know for seven years/ Tomorrow at eleven finally walking out of here/ Walking through that valley but I ain’t got no fear/ Tell Montgomery and Alomar that I’ll be dropping by/ Tell them Hell is coming there ain’t nowhere they can hide/ And if Jerry Lynn is out there somewhere tell her please don’t cry/ Jerry Lynn/ Jerry Lynn....
ONLY THING I WANT TO DO-You’re the only thing I wanna do today/You’re the only thing I wanna do today/ But I better watch what I say don’t wanna push you away/ You’re the only thing I wanna do today/ You’re the only story that I wanna tell/ You’re the only story that I wanna tell/ Wish you had been there when I fell to break my fall on down to Hell/You’re the only story that I wanna tell/You’re the only song I wanna sing tonight/ You’re the only song I wanna sing tonight/ So let’s turn out the light pretend that everything’s all right/ You’re the only song I wanna sing tonight/ ‘cause I know it won’t be long/ won’t be long before you’re gone/ But that’s tomorrow not today/ best girl I never had/ Ain’t no reason to be sad until the day you walk away/ You’re the only girl I want don’t want no more/ You’re the only girl I want don’t want no more/ But I’ve said that before then I watched them walk right out the door/ You’re the only girl I want don’t want no more/ Could a girl like you ever love a clown like me/ Could a girl like you ever love a clown like me/ Lord give half a chance that you might save me the last dance/ Could a girl like you ever love a clown like me/ You’re the only thing I wanna do today...
LET’S GET IT OVER WITH-One pistol Two bullets my darlin’/ Is all I’ve got left to my name/ This pistol these bullets my darlin’/ Which one of us they gonna blame/ They all thought we were meant for each other/ But I guess we proved how wrong they could be/ Lying and cheating, the occasional beating/ Sometimes it was you sometimes me/ But there was a time when our love once burned like fire/ But then we tried to put it out with gasoline/ All we got left is hate/ So I guess it’s a little too late/ Love was never meant to be this mean/ Screwed everyone while we screwed each other/ Till every bit of love was long gone/ In the back rooms of those bars/ On the hoods of dirty cars/ Even once on your grandma’s front lawn/ Then we’d kiss and we’d make up with some cheap whiskey/ And then you’d smash that empty bottle ‘cross my head/ You’d scream that you wish that we had never met/ I’d laugh and say I wish that you were dead/ So let’s get it over with together/ I’ll toss a coin you call it ‘fore it hits the floor/ They can write it on our tonbstone/ Their love was just too strong/ And they just couldn’t take it anymore/ But there was a time when our love once burned like fire....
Walpole Prison Blues-Well I’m going to Walpole prison got thirty years for armed robbery/ So my darlin’ want you to listen/ I don’t want you to wait for me/ I will be sixty when they release me and you’ll be fifty five/ So now I’m going to Walpole Prison/ I might not come out alive/ Oh the jury they did convict me/ And I must say that it was fair/ So my darlin’ you must forget me when they take me up there/ And now I must pay for my bad decision I should’ve thought of that before/ And now I’m going to Walpole Prison please do not think of me no more/ So now I’m going to Walpole Prison I love you darlin’ I wish you well/ But I fucked up and I lost everything/ Now I’ll grow old in that prison cell/ Oh Mr Jesus do me a favor/ Help her find another man/ Someone to love her so she won’t ever have to think of me again....
Lazuri 04:18
LAZURI-Lazuri is crying he just got all through dying/ Jesus come along/ raise him from the dead/ said Master You dirty rotten bastard/ I’m sick and tired of living/ Got worms inside my head/ Let me sleep/ can’t you see I’m broken down/ I don’t wanna stick around/ I’ve lost the love I thought I finally found/ Let me get some rest/ You know I gave my best/ Just hope my sorry soul is Heaven bound/ Lazuri stopped winning the day that he stopped sinning/ The righteous path is fraught with peril and deceit/ Lazuri he stumbled/ Then he outright tumbled/ Bloody bruised he landed right at Satan’s feet/ Let me sleep..../Life and love are fleeting/ Broken hearts keep beating/ An accidental meeting down at the corner bar/ becomes a roller coaster/ Your hand inside a toaster/ Goddamn you know I love her/ Let me sleep....
ONE BULLET BLUES-Don’t cry for me mamma/ There was nothing you could do/ Don’t blame yourself mamma/ It’s not because of you/ Don’t worry daddy/ Everything will be OK/ I saved one bullet/ They ain’t gonna take me away/ I couldn’t take the lonely/ I couldn’t take the pain/ First I started to the drinking/ And then I went insane/ I loved her daddy/ More than anything I know/ I’ve got one bullet left/ I think it’s time to go/ And when it’s all over c’mon and take me home/ say a prayer to the Father/ Say a prayer to the Son/ Lay me down in my coffin/ Put me under the ground/ Devil not caring God willing I’ll be Heaven bound/ So don’t cry for me mamma...
Lucky Day 04:46
LUCKY DAY-It was not his lucky day...He woke up in the morning/ He found the note she’d left/ It said I’m leaving with the dog/ And we’re heading way out west/ And then he heard a knocking/ It was the landlord at the door/ he said your three months overdue kid/ So you don’t live here no more/ It was not his lucky day...He went down to the factory/ The forman said your late/ He called down for security/ To escort him to the gate/ Said don’t bother coming back kid/ And don’t expect no severance pay/ He lost his girl lost his dog lost his home lost his job/ It was not his lucky day...He pulled his Delta 88 up to the PHillips 66/ Pulled out his Ruger 44/ And he walked in the front door/ Said give me all your money sir/ And I’ll be on my way/ But he should’ve seen it coming/ It was not his lucky day....The clerk apologized/ Said there’s no money in the till/ A woman and a dog just robbed me/ Took my last one dollar bill/ So put away that gun/ The cops are on their way/ You ain’t done nothing wrong yet son/ Just turn and walk away/ But it was not his lucky day...He cussed and he kicked the floor/ And then he walked back out the door/ It sounded just like thunder/ Seven shotgun’s deadly roar/ His body danced and twisted/ Just like a puppet on a string/ He came to rest in a bloody mess up against the Coke machine/ It was not his lucky day...
I CHOSE THE GUN-I once had a love her name was Lucinda/ We were to be wed but the Lord struck her down/ I promised right then my allegiance to Satan/ I picked up my gun and I rode out of town/ Yes I chose the gun instead of the Bible/ I killed and I robbed wherever I’d go/ Now the cold hand of death is pulling me downward/ And no amount of praying can rescue my soul/ I know that it killed my mother and father/ They died with the weight of my sins on their hearts/ They prayed for my soul but their praying was wasted/ I ran from the light/ I hid in the dark/ When I chose the gun...I know that I’ll never again see my Lucinda/ ‘cause Heaven has no room for evil like me/ My place is with Satan and all of his torment/ I’ll miss my Lucinda for eternity/ ‘cause I chose the gun...Turned my back on the Lord and I cursed His sweet Heaven/ I cursed the Father and I cursed the Son/ If I had the chance I’d do it all over/ I’d pick up the Bible/ I’d throw down the gun/ But I chose the gun...
Baker's Farm 05:54
BAKER’S FARM-I left your bones down by the river in the place we used to go/That’s where I found you all alone in his arms/ Saw you lying on a blanket and you know I couldn’t take it/ Now you’re buried at the edge of Baker’s farm/ Sunk your car into the river where nobody would ever find it/ Packed your bags so it would look like you left town/ Everybody thought you left me for that dirty bastard jeffery/ Was no secret that you two been runnin’ ‘round/ But that was back in April when the flood waters were swelling/ Never figured what would happen come July/ Goddamn this global warming been three months without a raindrop/ And the river bed is very nearly dry/ Now your Pinto is just a’sittin’ where we all used to go fishing/ Just as plain as day and dryer than a bone/ And the police are down at Baker’s/ Say they found a couple bodies/ Found them right there in the place we used to go...
ONLY THING HE SAID-He came in from cutting wood/ With a face as white as snow/ I love you was the only thing he said/ He fell into her arms then/ She begged him not to go/ As the kitchen floor around them turned bright red/ That little farm house they restored/ Was a dream they both had shared/ Now a monument to a love that will not die/ The roof is leaking and the paint is peeling/ But she just doesn’t care/ At night she hugs her pillow and she cries/ The little baby that was coming never saw the light of day/ Couldn’t take the breaking of it’s mother’s heart/ And that rusted blood stained chainsaw/ She can’t bear to throw away/ Is still hanging on a nail in the barn/ She’s not as young and pretty as she was years ago/ Back then she could’ve been a beauty queen/ But there’re still many men that want her/ But she just tells them no/ They can’t match the memories in her dreams/ At night she sits alone pouring whiskey in her coffee/ Staring at the dark wood on the floor/ Traces his picture with her finger/ And she wishes she was with him/ And she prays this world won’t keep her anymore...
I THINK I SEE THE LIGHT- My true love said goodbye/ My true love said goodbye/ She said she’d stay with me forever then she left me here to cry/ My true love said goodbye/ My true love said goodbye/ And there was nothing left to do but die/ But now I think I see the light/ I think I see the light/ Through the crack in my coffin I think I see the light/ I think I see the light/ I think I see the light/ Now my soul is gonna be alright...I was already packed and all ready to go/ When the reaper came a’callin’/ I was praying to the Lord please come and save my soul/ While my body was a’fallin’/My body is deceased/ My body is deceased/ My body is deceased and the worms are gonna feast/ My body is deceased/ My body is deceased/ But I think I finally see the light/ I think I see the light.../I was already packed and all ready to go..../They put me in the ground/ They put me in the ground/ A preacher said a prayer as they were lowerin’ me down/ They put me in the ground/ They put me in the ground/ But I think I finally see the light/ I think I see the light....
BODY DOING TIME-As I get older I just get colder/ Every day that goes by that I can’t hold her/ I just sink deeper and life gets cheaper/ I tried my best but I just couldn’t keep her/ Was not my first love but it was true love/ And I guarantee that it’ll be my last love/ ‘cause there ain’t nothing left in my heart now/ I’m just another body doing time/ A body doing time ain’t nothing left that’s mine/ Lord can you save my soul for me I wish You’d give a sign/ A body doing time ain’t nothing left that’s mine/ This train is bound for Hell and it’s rolling down the line/ I’m all alone now she’s free to roam now/ But I keep praying for the day that she comes home/ And as she travels while I unravel/ I pray she’ll change her mind and come back home/ I’m just a body doing time...
WALTZING ON AIR-A bottle of whiskey a heart full of sorrow and hatred is what brought me here/ I left a man dead on the floor of that bar in the blood and the piss and the beer/ They took me away they said you’re gonna pay they asked me what I’m laughing for/ I said that I’m laughing [cause my true love done left and I killed the man what took that whore/ Now I’ll be waltzing on air/ Waltzing on air/ Trying to choke back the tears/ Waltzing on air darlin’ hope that you’re there/ I haven’t felt this good in years/ The judge looked at me he said how do you plead I told him where he could go/ I’m guilty of many a treacherous deed so man let’s get on with the show/ Either give me the noose or just let me loose but stop wasting everyone’s time/ Before he unraveled he slammed down the gavel said hang him on Friday at nine/ Hell be waltzing on air...Outside of my window the gallows are swaying in front of the laughing full moon/ Tomorrow I’ll dangle as they play the Star Spangle while children play and women swoon/ A preacher will pray for my soul on that day while I’m standing on that old trap door/ But I’ll spit an his Bible and laugh in his face and tell him to pray for you whore/ While I’m waltzing on air...The hour has come guess my story is done it looks like it’s neck stretching time/ I’m heading for Hades to dance with the ladies forever I’ll pay for your crimes/ I hope that you’re crying while I’m up here dying I wish I could bid you farewell/ I’d twist your sweet neck till I heard it go crack and I’d take you with me down to Hell/ We’d be waltzing on air...
TRAINS DON’T RUN -The trains don’t run through town no more/ Daddy met mom working in that mill/ I met you in the bar downtown/ Guess you had a little time to kill/ The trains don’t run through town no more/ The mill’s been closed for twenty years/ You’ve been gone for twenty days/ Someone get me out of here/ I guess I loved you at first sight I’m pretty sure you loved me too/ Now the bottle keeps me company/ ‘cause you’ve got better things to do/ And the trains don’t run through town anymore/ Now I’m afraid to show my face/ Down at my favorite water hole/ I feel so damn out of place/ Just people that I used to know/ Just people I don’t recognize/ Like this was never my home town/ While giant diesel caterpillars tear the apple orchards down/ The only face I wanna see/ Just ain’t there looking back at me/ Alone I’m drinking by the tracks/ Wanna hop a freight and never come back/ But the trains don’t run through town anymore...
SOLD ME DOWN THE RIVER-Honey can you light my Lucky/ Brother can you spare a dime/ I’ve got miles to go before I sleep/ And I’m running out of time/ Old Scratch is right behind me/ I’ve been running for a million years/ When I’m gone ain’t no one gonna find me/ Ain’t no one left who cares/ Each night the barking dogs get closer/ Old Scratch he never has to sleep/ Soon this nightmare will be over/ Ain’t no promises to keep/ Lucky Strike’s the Devil’s brand/ That’s what the old man told me/ Ain’t nobody gives a damn/ And I can’t remember who it was that sold me/ Sold me down the river/ Sold my soul/ Sold me down the river..


released January 1, 2003


all rights reserved



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Easthampton, Massachusetts

Angry Johnny’s been hollering about the Devil and God, love and death and betrayal and booze and sin for over three decades. First with the Snots, then the Millrats, then the Craptones, on his own, and finally since 91 the Killbillies. Painted a bunch of paintings along the way too. ... more

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