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Puttin The Voodoo On Monroe

by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

WHEN I THINK OF YOU-When I think of you/ I just remember the good things/ And I don’t know what to do no good can come from remembering/ It was a long time ago I close my eyes and it’s still yesterday/ I try so hard to let go but yesterday always gets in my way/ I wanna run but where would I go/ I wanna lie down and die/ I try to sleep but I can’t stop the nightmares no matter how hard I try/ i’d forget if I could but I can’t so I sit here and cry/ I can still see your face every time that I close my eyes/ I’ve tried a million ways but I think a deaf dumb blind man could see through this disguise/ How many years have I wasted/ How many tears have I cried/ How many years since I’ve tasted the kiss from your lips when you told me goodbye/ I wanna run..../ It must be true what they say/ No good can come from remembering when/ So I’m praying for the day that I wake up and don’t want you back here again/ I wanna run.....
Jerry Lynn 05:02
JERRY LYNN-When I last left Jerry Lynn she was crying at the bar/ Had to go down to the city/ Had to move a couple cars/ For old Shelburne Montgomery and his partner Alomar/ Jerry Lynn kept crying/ She begged me not to go/ Alomar and Shelburne are bad trouble don’t you know/ I said I owe them one last favor I’ll be dead if I say no/Jerry Lynn/ Jerry Lynn/ When I found you I thought I’d finally win/ Now you’re gone, gone like the wind, Jerry Lynn....Up on Chesterfield highway the blue lights all came on/ I looked for Alomar and Shelburne but they were both long gone/ Just me and a trunk of cocaine and a bunch of stolen guns/ Jerry Lynn deserved so much better of a man/ Would’ve come out guns a’blazin’ would’ve made my final stand/ If I knew that I was never gonna see her face again/ Jerry Lynn/ Jerry Lynn....They offered me a deal but I didn’t say a word/ Three months into my sentence that’s when I finally heard/ ‘bout my darlin’ Jerry Lynn and what they’d done to her/ They took me to the office and the warden sat me down/ Told me that our trailer had been burned down to the ground/ The car was in the river but her body was not found.....Haven’t told nobody what I know for seven years/ Tomorrow at eleven finally walking out of here/ Walking through that valley but I ain’t got no fear/ Tell Montgomery and Alomar that I’ll be dropping by/ Tell them Hell is coming there ain’t nowhere they can hide/ And if Jerry Lynn is out there somewhere tell her please don’t cry/ Jerry Lynn/ Jerry Lynn....
ONLY THING I WANT TO DO-You’re the only thing I wanna do today/You’re the only thing I wanna do today/ But I better watch what I say don’t wanna push you away/ You’re the only thing I wanna do today/ You’re the only story that I wanna tell/ You’re the only story that I wanna tell/ Wish you had been there when I fell to break my fall on down to Hell/You’re the only story that I wanna tell/You’re the only song I wanna sing tonight/ You’re the only song I wanna sing tonight/ So let’s turn out the light pretend that everything’s all right/ You’re the only song I wanna sing tonight/ ‘cause I know it won’t be long/ won’t be long before you’re gone/ But that’s tomorrow not today/ best girl I never had/ Ain’t no reason to be sad until the day you walk away/ You’re the only girl I want don’t want no more/ You’re the only girl I want don’t want no more/ But I’ve said that before then I watched them walk right out the door/ You’re the only girl I want don’t want no more/ Could a girl like you ever love a clown like me/ Could a girl like you ever love a clown like me/ Lord give half a chance that you might save me the last dance/ Could a girl like you ever love a clown like me/ You’re the only thing I wanna do today...
LET’S GET IT OVER WITH-One pistol Two bullets my darlin’/ Is all I’ve got left to my name/ This pistol these bullets my darlin’/ Which one of us they gonna blame/ They all thought we were meant for each other/ But I guess we proved how wrong they could be/ Lying and cheating, the occasional beating/ Sometimes it was you sometimes me/ But there was a time when our love once burned like fire/ But then we tried to put it out with gasoline/ All we got left is hate/ So I guess it’s a little too late/ Love was never meant to be this mean/ Screwed everyone while we screwed each other/ Till every bit of love was long gone/ In the back rooms of those bars/ On the hoods of dirty cars/ Even once on your grandma’s front lawn/ Then we’d kiss and we’d make up with some cheap whiskey/ And then you’d smash that empty bottle ‘cross my head/ You’d scream that you wish that we had never met/ I’d laugh and say I wish that you were dead/ So let’s get it over with together/ I’ll toss a coin you call it ‘fore it hits the floor/ They can write it on our tonbstone/ Their love was just too strong/ And they just couldn’t take it anymore/ But there was a time when our love once burned like fire....
Walpole Prison Blues-Well I’m going to Walpole prison got thirty years for armed robbery/ So my darlin’ want you to listen/ I don’t want you to wait for me/ I will be sixty when they release me and you’ll be fifty five/ So now I’m going to Walpole Prison/ I might not come out alive/ Oh the jury they did convict me/ And I must say that it was fair/ So my darlin’ you must forget me when they take me up there/ And now I must pay for my bad decision I should’ve thought of that before/ And now I’m going to Walpole Prison please do not think of me no more/ So now I’m going to Walpole Prison I love you darlin’ I wish you well/ But I fucked up and I lost everything/ Now I’ll grow old in that prison cell/ Oh Mr Jesus do me a favor/ Help her find another man/ Someone to love her so she won’t ever have to think of me again....
Lazuri 04:18
LAZURI-Lazuri is crying he just got all through dying/ Jesus come along/ raise him from the dead/ said Master You dirty rotten bastard/ I’m sick and tired of living/ Got worms inside my head/ Let me sleep/ can’t you see I’m broken down/ I don’t wanna stick around/ I’ve lost the love I thought I finally found/ Let me get some rest/ You know I gave my best/ Just hope my sorry soul is Heaven bound/ Lazuri stopped winning the day that he stopped sinning/ The righteous path is fraught with peril and deceit/ Lazuri he stumbled/ Then he outright tumbled/ Bloody bruised he landed right at Satan’s feet/ Let me sleep..../Life and love are fleeting/ Broken hearts keep beating/ An accidental meeting down at the corner bar/ becomes a roller coaster/ Your hand inside a toaster/ Goddamn you know I love her/ Let me sleep....
ONE BULLET BLUES-Don’t cry for me mamma/ There was nothing you could do/ Don’t blame yourself mamma/ It’s not because of you/ Don’t worry daddy/ Everything will be OK/ I saved one bullet/ They ain’t gonna take me away/ I couldn’t take the lonely/ I couldn’t take the pain/ First I started to the drinking/ And then I went insane/ I loved her daddy/ More than anything I know/ I’ve got one bullet left/ I think it’s time to go/ And when it’s all over c’mon and take me home/ say a prayer to the Father/ Say a prayer to the Son/ Lay me down in my coffin/ Put me under the ground/ Devil not caring God willing I’ll be Heaven bound/ So don’t cry for me mamma...
Lucky Day 04:46
LUCKY DAY-It was not his lucky day...He woke up in the morning/ He found the note she’d left/ It said I’m leaving with the dog/ And we’re heading way out west/ And then he heard a knocking/ It was the landlord at the door/ he said your three months overdue kid/ So you don’t live here no more/ It was not his lucky day...He went down to the factory/ The forman said your late/ He called down for security/ To escort him to the gate/ Said don’t bother coming back kid/ And don’t expect no severance pay/ He lost his girl lost his dog lost his home lost his job/ It was not his lucky day...He pulled his Delta 88 up to the PHillips 66/ Pulled out his Ruger 44/ And he walked in the front door/ Said give me all your money sir/ And I’ll be on my way/ But he should’ve seen it coming/ It was not his lucky day....The clerk apologized/ Said there’s no money in the till/ A woman and a dog just robbed me/ Took my last one dollar bill/ So put away that gun/ The cops are on their way/ You ain’t done nothing wrong yet son/ Just turn and walk away/ But it was not his lucky day...He cussed and he kicked the floor/ And then he walked back out the door/ It sounded just like thunder/ Seven shotgun’s deadly roar/ His body danced and twisted/ Just like a puppet on a string/ He came to rest in a bloody mess up against the Coke machine/ It was not his lucky day...
I CHOSE THE GUN-I once had a love her name was Lucinda/ We were to be wed but the Lord struck her down/ I promised right then my allegiance to Satan/ I picked up my gun and I rode out of town/ Yes I chose the gun instead of the Bible/ I killed and I robbed wherever I’d go/ Now the cold hand of death is pulling me downward/ And no amount of praying can rescue my soul/ I know that it killed my mother and father/ They died with the weight of my sins on their hearts/ They prayed for my soul but their praying was wasted/ I ran from the light/ I hid in the dark/ When I chose the gun...I know that I’ll never again see my Lucinda/ ‘cause Heaven has no room for evil like me/ My place is with Satan and all of his torment/ I’ll miss my Lucinda for eternity/ ‘cause I chose the gun...Turned my back on the Lord and I cursed His sweet Heaven/ I cursed the Father and I cursed the Son/ If I had the chance I’d do it all over/ I’d pick up the Bible/ I’d throw down the gun/ But I chose the gun...
Baker's Farm 05:54
BAKER’S FARM-I left your bones down by the river in the place we used to go/That’s where I found you all alone in his arms/ Saw you lying on a blanket and you know I couldn’t take it/ Now you’re buried at the edge of Baker’s farm/ Sunk your car into the river where nobody would ever find it/ Packed your bags so it would look like you left town/ Everybody thought you left me for that dirty bastard jeffery/ Was no secret that you two been runnin’ ‘round/ But that was back in April when the flood waters were swelling/ Never figured what would happen come July/ Goddamn this global warming been three months without a raindrop/ And the river bed is very nearly dry/ Now your Pinto is just a’sittin’ where we all used to go fishing/ Just as plain as day and dryer than a bone/ And the police are down at Baker’s/ Say they found a couple bodies/ Found them right there in the place we used to go...
ONLY THING HE SAID-He came in from cutting wood/ With a face as white as snow/ I love you was the only thing he said/ He fell into her arms then/ She begged him not to go/ As the kitchen floor around them turned bright red/ That little farm house they restored/ Was a dream they both had shared/ Now a monument to a love that will not die/ The roof is leaking and the paint is peeling/ But she just doesn’t care/ At night she hugs her pillow and she cries/ The little baby that was coming never saw the light of day/ Couldn’t take the breaking of it’s mother’s heart/ And that rusted blood stained chainsaw/ She can’t bear to throw away/ Is still hanging on a nail in the barn/ She’s not as young and pretty as she was years ago/ Back then she could’ve been a beauty queen/ But there’re still many men that want her/ But she just tells them no/ They can’t match the memories in her dreams/ At night she sits alone pouring whiskey in her coffee/ Staring at the dark wood on the floor/ Traces his picture with her finger/ And she wishes she was with him/ And she prays this world won’t keep her anymore...
I THINK I SEE THE LIGHT- My true love said goodbye/ My true love said goodbye/ She said she’d stay with me forever then she left me here to cry/ My true love said goodbye/ My true love said goodbye/ And there was nothing left to do but die/ But now I think I see the light/ I think I see the light/ Through the crack in my coffin I think I see the light/ I think I see the light/ I think I see the light/ Now my soul is gonna be alright...I was already packed and all ready to go/ When the reaper came a’callin’/ I was praying to the Lord please come and save my soul/ While my body was a’fallin’/My body is deceased/ My body is deceased/ My body is deceased and the worms are gonna feast/ My body is deceased/ My body is deceased/ But I think I finally see the light/ I think I see the light.../I was already packed and all ready to go..../They put me in the ground/ They put me in the ground/ A preacher said a prayer as they were lowerin’ me down/ They put me in the ground/ They put me in the ground/ But I think I finally see the light/ I think I see the light....
BODY DOING TIME-As I get older I just get colder/ Every day that goes by that I can’t hold her/ I just sink deeper and life gets cheaper/ I tried my best but I just couldn’t keep her/ Was not my first love but it was true love/ And I guarantee that it’ll be my last love/ ‘cause there ain’t nothing left in my heart now/ I’m just another body doing time/ A body doing time ain’t nothing left that’s mine/ Lord can you save my soul for me I wish You’d give a sign/ A body doing time ain’t nothing left that’s mine/ This train is bound for Hell and it’s rolling down the line/ I’m all alone now she’s free to roam now/ But I keep praying for the day that she comes home/ And as she travels while I unravel/ I pray she’ll change her mind and come back home/ I’m just a body doing time...
WALTZING ON AIR-A bottle of whiskey a heart full of sorrow and hatred is what brought me here/ I left a man dead on the floor of that bar in the blood and the piss and the beer/ They took me away they said you’re gonna pay they asked me what I’m laughing for/ I said that I’m laughing [cause my true love done left and I killed the man what took that whore/ Now I’ll be waltzing on air/ Waltzing on air/ Trying to choke back the tears/ Waltzing on air darlin’ hope that you’re there/ I haven’t felt this good in years/ The judge looked at me he said how do you plead I told him where he could go/ I’m guilty of many a treacherous deed so man let’s get on with the show/ Either give me the noose or just let me loose but stop wasting everyone’s time/ Before he unraveled he slammed down the gavel said hang him on Friday at nine/ Hell be waltzing on air...Outside of my window the gallows are swaying in front of the laughing full moon/ Tomorrow I’ll dangle as they play the Star Spangle while children play and women swoon/ A preacher will pray for my soul on that day while I’m standing on that old trap door/ But I’ll spit an his Bible and laugh in his face and tell him to pray for you whore/ While I’m waltzing on air...The hour has come guess my story is done it looks like it’s neck stretching time/ I’m heading for Hades to dance with the ladies forever I’ll pay for your crimes/ I hope that you’re crying while I’m up here dying I wish I could bid you farewell/ I’d twist your sweet neck till I heard it go crack and I’d take you with me down to Hell/ We’d be waltzing on air...
TRAINS DON’T RUN -The trains don’t run through town no more/ Daddy met mom working in that mill/ I met you in the bar downtown/ Guess you had a little time to kill/ The trains don’t run through town no more/ The mill’s been closed for twenty years/ You’ve been gone for twenty days/ Someone get me out of here/ I guess I loved you at first sight I’m pretty sure you loved me too/ Now the bottle keeps me company/ ‘cause you’ve got better things to do/ And the trains don’t run through town anymore/ Now I’m afraid to show my face/ Down at my favorite water hole/ I feel so damn out of place/ Just people that I used to know/ Just people I don’t recognize/ Like this was never my home town/ While giant diesel caterpillars tear the apple orchards down/ The only face I wanna see/ Just ain’t there looking back at me/ Alone I’m drinking by the tracks/ Wanna hop a freight and never come back/ But the trains don’t run through town anymore...
SOLD ME DOWN THE RIVER-Honey can you light my Lucky/ Brother can you spare a dime/ I’ve got miles to go before I sleep/ And I’m running out of time/ Old Scratch is right behind me/ I’ve been running for a million years/ When I’m gone ain’t no one gonna find me/ Ain’t no one left who cares/ Each night the barking dogs get closer/ Old Scratch he never has to sleep/ Soon this nightmare will be over/ Ain’t no promises to keep/ Lucky Strike’s the Devil’s brand/ That’s what the old man told me/ Ain’t nobody gives a damn/ And I can’t remember who it was that sold me/ Sold me down the river/ Sold my soul/ Sold me down the river..


released January 1, 2003


all rights reserved



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Easthampton, Massachusetts

I get on with my days
In a permanent haze
People think it’s a phase
But my madness is growing…

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