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Down At Your Grave

by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies

DOWN AT YOUR GRAVE©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I have worn a path from the liquor store Through the woods and down to your grave Nobody but me goes down there no more They never loved you like I loved you anyway I keep the weeds from growing on your stone While you you lie there cold and still and keep me company I don’t have much to do since the day we buried you Spend all my time here drinking at your grave They never found your killer and they never will No stone to mark the place where he does lay No epitaph for him to be remembered by Now no one but the devil knows his name I sit here in the moonlight and I sing to you I promise that my love shall never die Sometimes I pass out drunk and sleep here next to you I spend my nighttimes mourning at your grave Now people think I’m crazy and perhaps I am When I walk through the town they look away Some of them still think I am a guilty man I was the last one seen with you that day But I was passed out on the couch from drinking The note said you were going for a drive Inside my head I hear their gossip ringing At night when I’m alone here by your grave So damn them all to Hell I do not need them The only one I need has gone away They look at my face and see a demon I look into their eyes and they’re afraid They whisper and they point with wagging fingers But I could care less what they think of me The only thing I care for is what lingers The memory of your love down at your grave
The Wish 04:14
THE WISH ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI Do you remember the day That you first decided That you were going away do you remember that day Cause I remember it well The day you departed Left me down here in Hell I remember it well Do you remember the kiss The first kiss that you gave me It was the first day of June Down at the Littleville Dam Remember you made a wish And you threw in a penny You asked me please make it true I said I’d do what I can Do you remember the times That we had together Do you remember the time We went down to the lake The look you had in your eyes As I held you under Do you remember the love You were so quick to forsake And now I hear your sweet voice Late at night when I’m dreaming I hear you whisper my name I hear you asking me why And then I wake up alone Shaking sweating and screaming And I remember the day The day that you died Do you remember the men There were so goddamn many I guess it wasn’t your fault They lined up at your door When I gave you my heart It only cost you a penny But I just wasn’t enough You needed oh so much more Now in that very same lake You’re eternally sleeping And the wish that you made Will forever come true And the promise I made I’ll forever be keeping For ever my darling I’ll be loving you
Without You 04:34
“WITHOUT YOU” ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies -Bonesaw Lullaby BMI You were my whole world back then Thought that you were my best friend I would have died a million times for you You walked away so easily Made a fucking fool of me Made my darkest nightmares all come true What the Hell was I supposed to do without you I was lost and hopeless then And so I let the Devil in He gladly took me underneath his wing He took me for a wild ride Took me to the other side He said ‘round here boy you could be a king But Hell is jus a fiefdom of a fool without you All the years that have gone by All the tears for you I’ve cried Now I wonder what they all were for You were never what I thought Created you out of whole cloth I never saw beneath the skin you wore Now too late I see that I am better off without you Still I wish you all the best Even though I now detest Everything I’ve come to know ‘bout you Decades lost forever gone Friends and family I have wronged Now there’s nothing left for me to do Nothing for this fool to do but figure out what I have turned into And try to live what’s left of life unburdened of the memory of you
Sing Me Of Death ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I can hear you crying out there somewhere I can see you dying in my dreams But I can’t help you ‘cause you are nowhere You never were Quite what you seemed You said you couldn’t stay said you were going I never should have let you walk out that door But you would not Be bound by promise It only made Me love you more You weren’t the only one you were one of many But you always left the deepest wounds Now you are lost Unto the darkness I lie alone now In my own tomb Sing me of death sing me of sorrow Sing me of angels sing me of Hell Sing me of Heaven Tell me a story Of better times Before we fell
Hail Mary 04:46
HAIL MARY© Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI Hail Mary full of grace I try I can’t forget your face The night I left you in that place The night I left you all alone I never meant to make you cry I never meant to tell you lies Until you went with all those guys Oh Mary Mary Mary...I never meant to make you die Pretty Mary I remember Pretty girl so young and tender Can’t help it that the boys all loved her Can’t change the past it’s dead and gone Hail Mary full of grace I try I can’t forget your face Turns out your life was just a waste All you did was die there all alone
Before The Daylight’s Gone ©Angry Johnny-Bonesaw lullaby BMI She was drinking a beer with the wind in her hair we were driving Down the old Sawmill Road Out of the corner of my eye I noticed she was crying crying I said what’s wrong she said she didn’t know But I knew something was going on And I knew it wouldn’t be very long She said we’ve gotta talk and we started to walk she said baby I’m tired and there’s nowhere left to run She said I know that you love me more than your life and I’m sorry But I can’t forget the things that we’ve done She kissed me on the lips and she said darling There nothing left in this old world for me The blade of the knife slipping into my gut was like fire Her tears poured down like rain She started to say that we both had to pay I said liar I pulled the trigger and I put one through her brain I guess I should’ve saw it coming That pretty girl had a little too much soul Well I’m back on the road and I’m ready to go and I see her Pretty little baby with her thumb up in the air It’s been quite a while and I look at that smile it could be her I ask her where she’s heading and she says anywhere She says hey there baby what’s going on I say hop on in before the daylight’s gone
Crazy Jane 03:11
CRAZY JANE ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I told him I would give him a ten minute head start If he headed north he just might reach the river He begged me to forgive him I said you’re breaking my cold heart I’m showing you more quarter than you gave her So you better stop your crying better run now while you can ‘cause I’ve got half a mind just to shoot you where you stand I myself do wonder why I;m giving you this chance That the others won’t be so inclined to offer I do not know what happened between you and Crazy Jane She was not an easy one to take to But I swear you will be sorry if I see your face again And if the others find you they will surely hang you So run now mother fucker fast as your feet can fly Run north for the river or surely you will die But one chance I will give you don’t waste time wondering why There’s twenty on their way here just to kill you Heard the volley of gunfire as I slowly rode away From that place that I will nevermore return to Don’t know if that old bastard made the river edge that day Information that I have no wish to learn Crazy Jane was nothing but a seething ball of hate Crazy as her brothers and deserving of her fate They’ll meet again in Hell hope she does not have long to wait I would not wish her damned soul to be lonely They’ll shout out from the Bible as they lay her body down They’ll turn those words to something that’s pure evil My family blood is soaked deep into this mountain ground For centuries they’ve been bleeding for the Devil So lie sister lie under down these stones Lie sister lie with our ancestor’s bones If only it had weight enough to keep your evil down Lie there with the ones who came before you
This Morning 04:34
THIS MORNING ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I was wondering could you tell me a couple of things If you’re not too busy this morning I was wondering could you tell me why the whippoorwill sings ‘fore the sun breaks the sky in the morning Could you tell me why you left me so long ago Why you left me that day without warning If you answer correctly I just might let you go If not then I guess they’ll be morning Where’s that handsome young man to whom you gave your sweet hand Your young knight in his shiny bright armor He was a dandy young puff but when the going got rough He did not last more than one short half hour He said take her and spare him And I thought how dare him I gutted him like a dead chicken You fell for that fraud ‘cause your judgement is flawed Guess you really know how to pick them Don’t look so shocked at the one who you mocked It’s not so long ago you’ve forgotten You can rest now ensured that my love will endure Long after your carcass is rotten I was wondering if you tell me a couple of things I don’t think you’re too busy this morning
I SAW A PICTURE ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies_Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I saw a picture I saw a picture of you I saw a picture In today’s paper of you It said that you went peacefully in the night surrounded by the ones you loved I saw a picture I saw a picture of you I saw a picture A faded picture of you I saw a picture A pretty picture of you It was in a frame hanging in the same place that it’s been for all these years I saw a picture A pretty picture of you I heard a preacher Reading some scripture for you I heard that preacherReading some scripture for you They were just words same words that I’ve heard they don’t mean nothing...nothing to me I heard a preacher Reading some scripture for you Inside my head I’ve got a picture of you Inside my head So many pictures of you Someday I might forget until then I’ll regret everything I ever put you through I saw a picture I saw a picture of you
KEEP LOVING YOU STILL ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I fell in love with your sadness Now your sadness is gone It was not very long before you moved on And all I could do was keep loving you still My decent into madness it did not take long I can no longer tell from what’s right and what’s wrong So all I can do is keep loving you still To think that I had you right here in my hands Right here in my heart right here in my plans Now all I can do is keep loving you still You left without warning at least I did not see What happened to you what would happen to me Yet all I can do is keep loving you still You went on to live a whole life while I wept Now all that I have is the promise I kept And all I can do is keep loving you still I cursed at a God whom I did not believe in I prayed to the devil to stop you from leaving Now all I can do Is keep loving you still So many women none of them you Tried to fuck out your memory but I always knew That all I can do is keep loving you still How I miss your sad mouth and the tears in your eye You needed me then, then you said goodbye Now all I can do is keep loving you still Was not much of a man was not much of a friend And now I am nothing even less than back then And all I can do is keep loving you still
Let Me Be 05:40
Let Me Be ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies- Bonesaw Lullaby BMI I don’t wanna love nobody I don’t want nobody loving me Don’t wanna love nobody I wish that everyone would let me be ‘cause I don’t wanna see What they see in me ‘cause they can’t see the monster standing right before their eyes I don’t wanna give nobody One tiny little piece of my black heart I don’t wanna hurt nobody I don’t wanna rip their world apart Don’t wanna wait and see What may come to be I know it will be bad that’s all you’re gonna get from me I don’t wanna be somebody Somebody you made up in your mind No place for you where I am going All I’m gonna leave you is behind So don’t you follow me Just go and let me be ‘cause you don’t wanna see what I’ve been hiding all this time I don’t wanna miss nobody I don’t wanna miss them when they’re gone I don’t wanna save nobody All that I can do for you is wrong So we can never be So now I’ll set you free And I suggest that you start running now while you still can
Sealed 05:09
SEALED ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies-Bonesaw Lullaby BMI Now that she’s gone for real I am not sure what I feel Don’t know if I even Ever had a reason Don’t know if I ever gave a damn Now I am left all alone I feel death sucking the marrow from my bones No moral to this fable The devil set the table But I made me the monster that I am Now that she breathes no more Underneath the frozen forest floor Cold dead and lonely My one and only Never will I see her face again Demons will tear away my skin Dig down deep to feast upon my sin Long time ago/ I let the devil in Now pain is all the future holds for me She up and went away I think I must have begged her to stay I think I must have loved her Hate to think how much she suffered I wish I could have made her understand Now that my fate is sealed I am not sure what I feel Don’t know if I even Ever had a reason Don’t know if I ever gave a damn
To Rest Now 03:24
TO REST NOW ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI Lay me down to rest now Let my body sleep Lay me down to rest now Plant me cold and deep Lay me down to rest now Settle now this score Lay me down to rest now Grieve for me no more Keep me from the Devil Cover me with Rowan Angelica and Boneset I’ll need it where I’m going The sun has gone down on my anger One too many times Lay me down to rest now Payment for my crimes So lay me down to rest now Spit upon my grave Leave me to the worms now For I will not be saved Lay me down to rest now Let my body sleep Lay me down to rest now Plant me cold and deep
The Last Girl ©Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Bonesaw Lullaby BMI The first girl Will break your heart Tear you apart Leave you feeling like a fool The next girl Such a pretty face Will take you to a place You never thought could be so cruel They will come and go Like the rain and snow And the wind will blow Blow you down Just like a hurricane You will believe in love You’ll try to rise above Until you’ve had enough Until you pray You pray for no more pain You’ll see them In your memories As those memories Are slowly killing you And you’ll feel Like you’re dying You’ll stop trying Stop believing.... Then the last girl Will save your life On a dirt road Where the birds sing so full


released August 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Easthampton, Massachusetts

I get on with my days
In a permanent haze
People think it’s a phase
But my madness is growing…

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