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When I was a little boy I remember well I remember years of joy but now I’m stuck in Hell Now I’m stuck in Hell and I know it all too well Oh take me back to that little boy Please save me from my Hell When I grew into a man I thought life would be so good I’d find love and life would be so grand I really thought it would But now all I am is bummin’ ever since I lost my woman Lord please send her back to me Save me from my Hell She said that she would never leave she broke my heart in two Now I sit and I drink and I grieve I don’t know what to do She promised me a lifetime Then she told me it was not the right time Lord please help please pardon me I done my time in Hell I said oh Lord please help please pardon me I done my time in Hell I done my time in Hell I done my time in Hell
I took her up the mountain but I came down alone Now the judge tells me tomorrow I must die She was the only woman I never could let go You can ask me but I couldn’t tell you why Heard ‘bout her and that Jim Butler out behind old Johnson’s store And after that I never was the same They found Jim Butler lyin’ in a puddle on the floor A splittin’ maul was buried in his brain Folks said she was a bad girl but I loved her anyway And every sin against me I forgave But something deep inside my soul just snapped in half that day And now my love is lying in her grave The preacher asked me son have you made peace with your Lord I said what the Hell’s He ever done for me He tol me blasphemy won’t pay the toll that opens Heaven’s door I told him that’s OK ‘cuz Hell let’s you in free Way up on Pomeroy Mountain the laurel is in bloom It’s coverin’ the hills like fallen snow We went there for the last time that Sunday afternoon I gave her one last kiss and I let her go Folks said she was...... Tomorrow when they’re slippin’ that noose over my head I’ll look out and I’ll see my mamma cry Take me up to Pomeroy Mountain when my body’s cold and dead And bury me right there beneath the sky
Did I see you the other day, on the corner in the rain. I think I saw you but I’m not sure, in a bar room on the floor. Did I see you in a dream, in a night mare or in between. Did I see you in a cloud, you were cryin’ and the rain was pouring down. Tell me was that you was anything you told me ever true. I’ll tell you that was me. That was me with a rope ‘round my neck hangin’ from a tree. You had a nightmare, you saw my face. Another time another place You can’t go back there, I can’t move on. You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. So don’t be telling me not to be sad We pay a price when love goes bad. You made your choice, good luck to you You think love means nothing, well you ain’t got a clue. Goodbye good luck to you. Was anything you told me ever true. I’ll tell you that was me. That was me with a rope ‘round my neck hangin’ from a tree. Tell me it was fun. Tell me every single night while you watch the setting sun. Tell someone else I can’t hear you no more Tell the next poor sucker that wanders through your door. Did I see you The other day on the corner in the rain Did I see you in a cloud you were cryin’ and the rain was pouring down You were cryin’ and the rain was pouring down You were crying.
Last time I saw Danny he was havin’ trouble breathin’ a bullet in his belly and a couple fingers gone. I thought about him dying like a dog as I was leaving but he’s the one who always said “Take the money and run.” A perfect plan is perfect up until something goes wrong like a cowboy in a licker store playin’ hero for a day. Funny thing ‘bout heroes they don’t last very long I said “Danny you’re a goner man I’m sorry I can’t stay.” Seventeen months later I’m drinkin’ here in Tulsa I hear a voice behind me say one move and it’s good bye. He tells me “Jack I cannot tell how good it is to see you remember me you left me in that licker store to die.” The bartender stands frozen like a deer caught in the headlights I ask him for a couple shots for me and my old friend. He pours a couple bourbons his old hands they are a’tremblin’ I turn around real slow and I say “Danny how ya been?” He grins and takes the bourbon says “You know I’m gonna kill ya.” I drink my shot and nod say “What the Hell it’s only fair.” I tell him that I’m sorry that I left him for the buzzards a pistol shot rings out I see a coeboy standing there. Danny’s on the floor bleedin’ heavy from his belly, last thing the cowboy hears is my Colt singin’ it’s song. The bartender ain’t movin’ he says “Man I ain’t no hero.” I tell him “Funny thing ‘bout heroes they don’t last very long.” Last time I saw Danny he was dying there in Tulsa the money from the register got me over the state line. Last thing I told Danny was “Man it was good to see ya, when you’re feelin’ better you should look me up sometime.”
Tell me what’s so happy about valentine’s day Tell me what’s so happy ‘bout you going away You said I love you darlin’ but I just cannot stay Tell me what’s so happy about valentine’s day They’ve got cards and candy and roses galore You can leave that valentine shit down at the store While they’re mopping up the mess left on my floor Put a wreath and a big black ribbon on my front door Gonna lay me out in my very best cheap suit They’ll have a big buffet of crackers and cheese and fruit I’d love to hear the eulogy I’ll bet it’s gonna be a hoot But there’s a bullet in the gun in my hand beggin’ me too shoot Believed you when you told me Our love would last forever It’s all water underneath the bridge I’m burning down said I was your one and only Until you found somebody better Then you left me for the newest boy in town
Today CW turned himself in for the killing of Mike Lepine He beat his skull in with a bowling pin when he caught him with his Irene Mike and CW were the best of friends whatever the Hell that means One took the other’s woman one took the other’s life With friends like that who needs enemies Well tonight’s the big bowling tournament but we’re our two best bowlers shy But we’ll give it our all do the best that we can but I won’t tell you no lie We’re gonna get our sorry asses kicked man we don’t stand a chance Mike and CW didn’t have much brains but when they rolled that ball They could sure make them pins dance Well Mike was a loser his whole damn life and his demise was overdue And CW had him a no good wife from the second she said I do But there was no sense in telling CW it would only cause him pain And we needed him and Mike to keep on throwin’ them strikes With them boys on our team we owned them goddamn lanes Well thanks to Irene our reign is through ain’t no trophy for us this year We finished up last now there’s nothing to do but drown our sorrows in some beer So let’s drink to old CW and poor dead Mike Lepine The two best bowlers two worst best friends the Berkshire Bowling League has ever seen...


released January 25, 2017


all rights reserved



Angry Johnny And The Killbillies Easthampton, Massachusetts

I get on with my days
In a permanent haze
People think it’s a phase
But my madness is growing…

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